All of the lenses we use are UVA & UVB protected.

Polycarbonate – The lightest weight & most impact resistant optical lens, available in most lens color/types. Our Rx lenses are compensated for the wrap frames.

Plano – Lenses without prescription

Single Vision – Distance only prescription lenses

Lined Bifocal – Available in limited styles of riding glasses. We place the bifocal line low so it does not interfere with your distance vision – but it is there if you need it. Depending on your prescription, we may recommend lessening the power slightly to accommodate your needs while riding (seeing your gauges, your watch, etc.)

Progressives – We can do progressive lenses, but will need correct measurements! Monocular PD & Seg Height.


Clear – Protects the eye from dust and wind. Good for most conditions except bright sun. Great for night riding.

Transitions® 7  – Offers the wearer a variety of shades of either grey or brown or graphite green. Depth of color varies due to UV absorption as the conditions change throughout the day. Good general purpose lens. Available in Rx. (Also in plano at an upgrade charge!)

Transitions® Xtractive® – Our most popular lens! Lenses have a minimal tint all the time and darken to sunglass color. Depth of color varies due to UV absorption as conditions change throughout the day. Great general purpose lens. The only Transition lens that reacts to sunlight & UV.  Available in Rx. (Also in plano at an upgrade charge!)

Transitions® Drivewear® – Offers the wearer a polarized lens that darkens with increasing light levels. Lenses are naturally a light yellow-green color (great for overcast conditions!), and change to a deep dark brown when exposed to light. Not recommended for night time wear. Available in Rx. (Also in plano at an upgrade charge!)

Day/Night  – Lenses turn from clear to dark with exposure to UV rays. Plano grey only.

Gray/Smoke Tint – Ideal dark lens for moderately sunny days and great for general day riding use. Colors appear true.

Brown Tint (Also known as Driver) – Ideal dark lens for moderately sunny days – can be worn earlier and longer in the day than grey lenses. Increases contrast, however, colors do not appear true.

Blue Tint – Enhances vision on overcast days

Yellow Tint – Good for highly overcast and low light conditions such as early morning, cloudy or rainy days – great for sunset and nighttime riding! Improves contrast and depth. Too bright for daytime wear.

Polarized Lenses – Provides the best protection for eyes from the sun by eliminating 99% of horizontal glare, (which causes squinting and eye fatigue). Lenses are available in brown or grey or G15. (Please note: LED Clusters may not be as visible with polarized lenses!)

Grey Polarized – A good choice for riding or driving. Provides the lowest light transmission and is a good choice for bright sunlight. Colors appear true.

Brown Polarized – A good all purpose lens for riding and driving. Unlike grey polarized, colors tend to be not as true, however contrast is improved. Can be worn earlier & later in the day than polarized grey lenses.

Mirror coated lenses – When mirror coating is placed over a grey or brown lens it provides protection from the sun and glare where there is a lot of reflected light. Available in several colors, the most popular being silver and blue. We use a flash mirror coating unless otherwise requested.

Clear Mirror – A great lens – clear, but with a hint of mirror to protect you from all but the brightest sun. Good for night riding.